Game Features:

No Class Restrictions

Players can switch weapons and skills to adapt to different situations at any time.

Single Mega Server

Using cloud hosting technology we are able to handle an unlimited amount of players within the same universe.

Real Action Combat

Combat in Magnum Opus is designed to be fast paced and skill based, with multiple weapons ranging from magical instruments to laser pistols and swords.

Virtual Reality Support

Magnum Opus is designed to be truly immersive, giving players the option to experience the full game in virtual reality if they have a PC VR headset.

No Pay To Win

We will only have cosmetic items available on the game store, nothing that impacts PvP or PvE directly.

Multiple Artstyles

Magnum Opus offers an entire universe full of areas themed with various artstyles. Ranging from realistic graphics to anime.

Deep Storyline

The entire game is based in a several books long novel series of the same name we are currently writing.

Truly Social MMORPG

There are no generic automatic dungeon finders and matchmaking systems. Instead players are encouraged to interact in public spaces to team up.