Welcome to Magnum Opus

A unique adventure awaits as you travel through various regions of the metaverse. Prepare to meet new friends with common goals and form a legion, become a land lord and customize your own estate, collect skins and other cosmetic items that fit your own style.

Switch Classes At Any Time

In Magnum Opus player avatars are not restricted to being a single class. Instead you can switch class within seconds and adapt to any situation, even during combat.

Play as a melee fighter and switch to a magic or firearms user at any moment, whatever suits your playstyle! This mechanic eliminates the PvP and PvE inbalance many other MMORPGs have, since all players can switch classes at any moment to adapt to any situation, you will never get stuck with a class that is not suitable to achieve your objectives.

The Ultimate Battle

Join the forces of good or evil in the middle of a massive war across the metaverse, fight as a crusader of light along the angelic forces or become a dark warrior and take part of the demonic armies. Meet new friends and team up in PvP and PvE battles as you hone your skills and ascend to new heights.

You are also given the choice to play on your own as a lone wolf solo player or join the ranks of one of the factions that is not aligned with angels nor demons. Such as the Tyrannus empire, governed by Emperor Dominus Tyrannus, a ruthless dictator who rules with an iron fist over several planets.

A Truly Social Experience

Take a break from slaying monsters and other foes while you join one of the multiple social areas. Make sure to visit The Nightcore Club, the most popular hangout location in planet Isekai, the club is owned by Eve and Ethan Unibell two rockstar NPCs designed to host parties at the club 24/7.

Meet people and make new friends while you play the various social minigames available, designed to help players break the ice with one another.