Magnum Opus storyline is set in a future were humanity has developed a fully immersive VR technology which enables people to explore a virtual universe that looks and feels as real as the physical one.

In addition automation has taken most of the workforce tasks and now humans are free to spend their lifes however they want, nobody is forced to work anymore, instead people are free to dedicate to arts, leasure, self improvement or even research new technologies.

The fully immersive VR technology is possible thanks to humanity's advancements in neuro science. Allowing a VR device to imput images, sounds and sensory data, such as smell, and touch directly to the human brain, hence creating a realistic digital universe that feels just like the physical one.

This technology has opened the doors to many other uses such as allowing deaf and blind people to be able to listen and see again since the device can capture images and sounds from user surroundings in the physical world and imput them directly to the his brain, even people with total lockdown syndrome are able to interact with other humans again, they are given control of a robotic body that looks just as their biological counterpart allowing the user to continue interacting in the physical world even when his original biological body is completly unable to move.

The protagonists of the story are Dante Moonlight and his friends, a group of University students who enjoy VR MMORPGs and were born on this futuristic society were fully immersive VR technology is available.

Magnum Opus will feature a deep and intricate lore, before the game is officially released in 2022 there will be a book available to read about it, players don't have to read the book to play the game but for those who are fans of lore in RPG games there will be lots of content so we recommend reading it.

Every game expansion will feature its own book with new heroes, villians, planets and many other surprises to discover.